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Project Diaspora Free Weekly Activations

We understand that some people are just not capable of paying for an activation so this system is designed to help you get a free activation. Every week the player who has played the most will get a free activation. This is measured by how long a player has been out in space on the server for the week.


  • It does not count if you are in a sector of range 0.
  • It does not count if you are in a sector hovering over a planet.
  • You must be launched to collect play time.

    ... To see which sectors are of range 1 and higher just purchase a Zephyr Seeker, launch, open the map and all of the grey sectors you see are of range 1 and higher.

    Current Top Ten List

    1. StealthTHUGZ1013660
    2. []D.[] .[]\/[]. []D.THUGZ871072
    3. SteaIthTHUGZ840345
    4. pimperishTHUGZ736698
    5. snowdogTHUGZ627193
    6. 99%noob1%hopeTHUGZ605925
    7. PHAT6LTHUGZ601413
    8. TriieanTHUGZ600646
    9. koozieTHUGZ600441
    10. Kay zeeffTHUGZ600004