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Project Diaspora Activation Process


Here you will be able to buy something called Donation Standard. With this you will be able to purchase different items that may be available in-game, such as Activations, Exp, or Diaspora Credit. Please read further for rates and procedure.


  • 1 Donation Standard = 10,000,000 DC
  • 1 Donation Standard = 50 EXP
  • 1 Donation Standard = 2500 Ref
  • 4 Donation Standards = 1 Argonaut Behemoth (6000 EXP required)
  • 5 Donation Standards = 1 Character Activation

    ... 1 Donation Standard = $0.50 USD ...


    After you go through the process of purchasing Donation Standard, your in-game character that you choose will be credited the amount of ds that you purchased. After this is done, which shouldn't take any longer then 5 minutes, you will be able to use in-game commands such as buyactivation, buyexp, and buydc. To see how much ds your character currently has please use the in-game command dsamount. For a introduction on how to use in-game commands, please type in :help:: and enter while you are in space or in the bar of diaspora.

    Choose Options

    In-Game Username (not the loginname):

    Activations: + Extra Donation Standard: